—-Our Services—-


⦁ Awareness on HIV/ AIDS, Malaria, Ebola,
⦁ Specialized treatment for people with accrued medical treatment or with medical and complications,
⦁ Campaign against human Traficant
⦁ Construction, maintaining, equipping hospitals
⦁ Voluntary and technical assistances


  •   Children & Girls programs
    ⦁ Sponsorship/
    ⦁ scholarships
    ⦁ Students/ Teachers Exchange
    ⦁ Voluntary and technical assistance
    ⦁ Children & Girls programs
    ⦁ Providing crosscutting strategies to address challenges facing the Schools’ communities
    ⦁ Elders and orphanage assistance
    ⦁ Rural and enterprise development programs
    ⦁ Workforce development
    ⦁ Cooperative development
    ⦁ Women empowerment
    ⦁ Alternative income


Assistance network and Crisis management Rural and
enterprise development

⦁ Forestry & Natural resources management
⦁ Food production
⦁ Stimulating economic opportunity
⦁ Fisheries development
⦁ Livestock and poultry
⦁ management
⦁ Conserving and rehabilitating wetlands and Horticulture
⦁ *Environmental services
⦁ Clean energy
⦁ Clean water
⦁ Awareness on carbon dioxide emissions, Global warmings and climate change, Research and development planning


⦁ Computer Training in Schools/ICT
⦁ Adult literacy Technology assistance
⦁ *Environmental services
⦁ Clean energy
⦁ Clean water
⦁ Awareness on carbon dioxide emissions, Ecosystem
⦁ Global warmings and climate change, Research and development planning

1. To build resilience in the lives of hopeless and vulnerable persons,
2. To ensure an enabling environment to have access to education, information, health care, food security, justice etc…
3. To build and renovate schools in rural and slump communities,
4. To build clinics and provide medications for the use of the clinics in rural communities,
5. To provide continuous training for teachers assigned in rural communities,
6. To empower rural women and youth in rural communities in community initiatives
7. To provide access to justice for vulnerable persons (orphans, persons living with disabilities, old aged persons above 65 years living in slump communities,
8. To empower rural communities with agriculture training, materials and seedings,
9. To set build and supply libraries in public schools in the rural communities,
10. To provide training in computer and internet services to public schools in the counties,
11. To train university students in environmental protection (climate change, de-forestation and conversation of animal spices, etc..
12. To carry out development studies for development purposes,
13. To work with orphanages and homes caring for vulnerable children
14. To train political actors in elections matters and governance
15. To conduct civic education for the public in election matters and governance,