Besides the unstable situation the brutal civil war has caused in Liberia and now followed by the Ebola epidemic. There are other contributing factors that continue to linger the population into series of extreme difficult time; the issue of Peace building, the overwhelming average of illiteracy rate and the challenge of global warming that causing the rapid climate change. In the midst of all of this, the negative effect remains: the people remained uninformed on the preparation and prevention of the consequences that include: drastic reduction in the amount of annual rainfall from 101 inches to 81 inches, the depreciating status of the tropical rainforest in Liberia; and the subsequence destruction by the sea erosion by the Atlantic ocean of the Liberian coastal villages, towns, hamlets and cities; with the health and schools facilities as well as even the struggling fishermen dwellings. The above illustrations are the making of the word “poverty” created by human-beings.  And those human-beings on whose heads these burdens have been laid cannot afford to help themselves get out of all of this man-made handicap they (the people) remain with and living with the status of vulnerability, underprivileged and disadvantaged.

The categories of people found in the above mentioned status are overwhelming and in fact dominate the (4) Four million plus population. The children and youth as well as the elderly are feeling the gravity of the stricken poverty.  The recent Ebola epidemic has left a lot of orphans, widows and widowers down-trodden. Struggling children and youth want to go to school but have no support; more communities’ schools in the county are mixed-shift and lack facilities like libraries, proper sitting capacities coupled with unhygienic condition. Health facilities are going without the proper and needed medication and equipment etc.…

Taking the challenges of moral obligation to help the situation requires our partners who are touched by the circumstance mentioned herein full participation in the renovating, constructing and equipping of schools in the needy communities; building, renovating and  equipping health facilities and supplying them with the needed medication in needed communities; as well as building orphanages equipping and caring or maintaining them and also carrying on students’ sponsorship or scholarship, and students’ exchange as well as teacher exchange programs. AS a country with a very rich culture, the organization intends to promote culture dances as well as having cultural-exhibits in and out of Liberia.

Our physiological research have signaled that most of those suppressed by the dominating circumstances, especially the orphans and the children and youth with support turned to believe that they have less to loss in society but more anger toward the society. And can be used by any trouble maker(s) to cause havocs.

Based on the above, the organization desires to address these pressing issues of: vulnerability, underprivileged and the disadvantaged status that kept increasing the range of poverty.  It is notably known that “Poverty is manmade, it is not a natural thing, overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not is manmade and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human-beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that generation” Our organization believes that there are a lot of generations in that are born to be great in Liberia and in other countries we decided to operate; and that can only happen when good people act with their positive human conscious to make those war victims children and youth as well as the Ebola epidemic victims, the orphans realize their dreams and aspirations to stop by and make them great out of the wreckages of poverty.

As we lay the ground works for the above mentioned campaigns, the organization offers a wide range of Human Resources Development and social services for sustainable economic growth: The drastic reduction of illiteracy, improving living standards by teaching skills that are needed in the market places, pluralizing the use of alternative energy technologies through teaching  to protect the ecosystem, and campaigning against the spread of epidemics like HIV/AIDS, Malaria,  Ebola just to name but few. All is geared towards alleviating and subsequently eradicating poverty in partnerships with our donors and partners.

Counting on Human Values, one of LIFE’s Philosophies underscores the belief that the right of a man is not found in violence, destructive criticism and empty speeches that create condition of uncertainty, but within the depth of actions that make him to have access to education, safe drinking water, electricity, food and shelter and gainful employment, to live a better and happy life in a clean and healthy environment in order to take up the challenge of communities’ developments engagement of nation building and to meet the growing demands of modern civilization: Equality, Justice, Peace, Advanced Technology and Democracy.

LIFE’s service providers are trained to work with community teams headed by local leaders who help to evaluate and implement the foundation’s education and development projects. Accountability and the full participation of the people being served in decision-making may be the greatest concern of donors but these concerns are top priorities of Light International Foundation for Education.

International service: Apart from soliciting projects and grants from our donors, the organization  also engages in its prospective donors to negotiate the terms of contracts, grants and overseas aids, facilitate the shipment of the foundation’s consignment of relief and development materials bound for Liberia and other countries in which we intend to serve from time to time and also to organize international conferences in partnership with other collaborating partners and or donors on LIFE’s education reforms.

National service: LIFE national service is commissioned to carry on communities’ engagements and intervention in Liberia through Charitable help and broad base education for sustainable development. We strongly believe that the more LIFE’s service providers are accountable not only to the communities they serve but also to the donors, the more successful we will be in these domains:

With Health, Education, Agriculture and Technology, as well as advocacy, the organization can make an immense imparts in the areas of communities’ interventions. You can make your contribution(s) in materials as well as in monetary of any amount. Let your actions lift someone to their expectations of smile and make a generation certain to be great but has been suppressed and depressed by poverty to be great because the God of heaven has mandated you to do so.

Let your life so shine before men that they will see your good works and glory the father in Heaven. Matthew 15:7. Let somebody’s light shine out of the dungeons of darkness and give them the joy of great day break of joy and happiness!  God bless you and stay blessed.