The Light International Foundation for Education (LIFE)
This foundation represents a successful culmination of a long campaign by a band of resourceful international experts whose sole purpose is to entice Liberians/Global citizens into taking up the ultimate challenge of communities and nations building.
The Light International Foundation for Education (LIFE) is one of Liberia’s biggest implementing and strategic NGO, which aims at offering funds and professionals, scientific and technical expertise for a modern approach to the education reforms that will obviously not only increase Liberia’s literacy rate now at 20% to 70% in 15 years’ time by 2031, and will also develop and facilitate skills, convert and translate new discoveries and technologies into practical use, which, of course, is the bedrock of LIFE’s education reform for Liberia and other striving and deserving communities and nations. By practicalizing these strategies education reforms, we are sure of durable solutions that will certainly bring to birth the transformative changes Liberia and other nations we may operate in desire and the distinguishable status of the surviving Liberian nation from the ashes of destruction to once again, the shining hope of the African continent.
The organization targets are squarely laid on short and long term goals to achieve a maximum score of the reform needed. In order to enable the organization achieve these goals, we are currently seeking partners or individuals, groups, organizations, schools and churches etc.… for scholarships for struggling and deserving students in and out of the country, students and professors exchange programs; health professionals to visit and improve or establish communities’ health centers, as well as visiting our slums communities to see some of our youth transformation programs or projects, called ‘youth from slums to success’.
For Agriculture, before the Liberian civil war began on Sunday December 24, 1989, 60% of the population, for decades, lived on subsistence farming. This figure has triggered to 85% largely because the 25% that accounted for both the public and private sectors are as of now considered redundant. For the moment, farming is their only resort of survival. But the roads inaccessibility continues to create a lot of huddles in term of food production and food scarcity. In tackling these challenges, the organization has resolved with our community engagements in agriculture projects as our paramount and long term goal.
These community engagements are designed to boom urban agriculture projects in various provincial cities of Liberia to bridge the gap of food scarcity and security in those cities in the areas of vegetable gardening, swamp rice production and extensively, to work with farmers on the revamping of their cocoa, coffee, palm, rubber and coconut plantations farms, that were severely damaged and closed down when the civil war begun in 1989, and left a lot of citizens to be stricken by severe famines. The rationality of the moral majority and their active participation in a democratic process of decision-making, are catalysts for social change and remained the driving force behind the success of nation building that will make these education reforms score an instant success in every communities of LIFE’s engagements. To further educate our beneficiaries in those engagements; the organization will include the use of modern agriculture technologies to change the shifting cultivation ideology, a recipe for deforestation, which will save guide the Liberian tropical rainforests, the largest rainforests in West Africa and the full implementation of the ecosystem protection norms that is campaigning against the “ greenhouse effects and global warming” as well as “climate change” and to aid Liberian farmers to attain sustainable agricultural development and economic growth in the years to come.
LIFE is an advocate organization focused on: adult literacy; constructing, equipping and caring for orphanages; peace building; free, compulsory, primary and secondary education for all children between the ages of 4 to 18 and young-adults that were caught in the toils of the brutal civil war that dragged on for 15 consecutive years.
The Light International Foundation for Education (LIFE) is a humanitarian or charity or an advocate organization. Its leadership team is a think-tank of professionals of civil society advocates in Liberia and abroad , staunchly committed to persuading philanthropists, private institutions, multinational and Transnational companies, Churches, Colleges, Universities, donor organizations and countries, to directly invest into Liberia and other countries of our services Human Resources Development.

Our History
The Light International Foundation for Education was founded on Sunday May 5th, 2001; first with the name Liberian International Foundation for Education. But has now been changed to the current name since 2015. The formation of this organization is a vision intended to help address the huge problems facing war-torn Liberia and other troubled communities globally, by strategizing workable solutions to redress these problems radiating from our complex world. Based on this logic, this non-governmental organization (LIFE) was born to help develop the country/countries with direct reference to the areas of interventions namely: Health, Education, Agriculture and Technology as well as Advocacy and Peace building.
The organization was founded for the purpose of bringing together inspired and dedicated visionaries from different backgrounds to share their skills and love of God with the war-weary people of Liberia and other troubled communities regionally and globally in areas of needs.
The founder(s) of LIFE have seen and experienced the difference of what faith in God through creative thinking and actions makes in the lives of people, and became convinced that the real solution to have impacts in those struggling and left behind communities is first renewal in positive thinking and then the application of faith by actions to bring about the needed educative changes in the areas of: alternative energy, information and communication technologies for broad base education, sustainable agricultural development and economic growth.
The organization’s architects acknowledged that Liberia and other deserving communities have a well talented and brilliant children and youth generation coming up; but have been caught up with the humiliating crisis of the brutal civil wars and or alienated from the status of nation hoods, followed by the spree of the catastrophic Ebola epidemic, coupled with a very poor learning system, and a high unemployment rate. Opportunities accorded to the recent generations prior to the civil war have not been accorded to the current ones; our surveys have also shown that the Liberian nation’s future leaders are in a confrontational status. Therefore, to help redefined their status, we have decided to extend our voice of partnership, to work together with likeminded friends around the globe to change the ‘status quo’ of those global citizens who need some pushes in their lives, and in return, to be some great positive changes makers both in their geographical spectrum and globally!

Introduction to Liberia’s Counties
Liberia’s Counties
It is important to explain in details how the 15 years of civil war brought Liberia to her kneels. This is a complete analysis of the economic and social life of each of the 15 political sub-divisions called counties like in England and North America.
On July 26 the, 1847, Liberia became Africa’s First independent Republic. Liberia’s founding fathers were ex-slaves in majority from the United States of America and the Caribbean and some natives who they met on ground. They (the ex-slaves) sought and found refuge, safety and “Liberty” on the (Grain Coast) as Liberia’s regionally known name. They did not discover the land but met the descendants of Liberian natives’ forefathers who protected the territory under tribal kings and chiefs against colonial rule but they were kind and receptive enough to have accepted the settlers. Therefore, the natives’ wholeheartedness and sincere brotherhood demonstrated toward the settlers served as the cornerstone that gave birth and boast to the declaration of Liberia’s independence. And some of those natives signed the declaration of independence as well. This is what makes Liberia’s history unique and rich.
Liberia fought for the independence of many African states; joined forces with the Allies during World War I and II, became the founding member of the League of Nations and later, the United Nations and backed its historic resolution that created the modern state of Israel; fought against Apartheid and found affinity for the defense of Democracy and took the lead in the World’s commerce with its registered fleet (Ships) ranking number one worldwide prior to the civil war. Unfortunately, Liberia is in total disarray today. What an awesome challenge!